How to ride Powder

Here are a few pointers to help you master riding powder on a snowboard:

1. Get some speed- Powder is forgiving to the swift, but will stop you dead in your tracks if you’re moving too slowly.

2. Hit it straight on- Lead with your nose. If you hit powder heel or toe-side, you will fall.

3. Lean back- Keep your weight back a little. This will prevent the tip of your board from burrowing into the snow. With a powder board you can set your bindings back and ride with equal weight distribution.

4. Gentle turns- Unlike skiing, its easy to make powder-turns on a snowboard. A little pressure on either side will do.

5. Practice hopping in the powder- This will free a buried board and will help you make turns in really deep snow. Give a little hop before each turn.

Of course the only way to really get good is to practice. So with these tips in mind, and some blessings from the weather gods, go forth and ride.

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